a small world of stories to wear

I could only do one job, just one job:
the job that I have chosen, and that I've been doing, almost since childhood.
(Natalia Ginzburg)


Venezia Giacomo Franco
La prima collezione che ho realizzato su Venezia nasce da alcune immagini di Giacomo Franco, editore ed incisore.
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I created the Pinocchio collection after seeing in 2015 "Infinito Pinocchio - Nel legno l'anima viva del puattino senza fili".
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The Kimono collection was born from a collection of images dedicated to Japan in the twenties,
theTaishō era.
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For the India collection I took inspiration from a catalogue of Indian fabrics. I was captured by the theme that most often recurs: flowering, which symbolizes life.
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